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Workout programs are what set us apart from other fitness platforms.  Many of our participants find having a journey with a destination makes all the difference in reaching their fitness goals. Enjoy the freedom of working out from Mississippi to Montana to London‘s Tower Bridge to a mystical Irish forest to witnessing the Loch Ness monster.  Our library has over 25+ programs and we have over 400+ workouts. We are adding more all the time. 

You may have found our workouts on YouTube or Amazon and wondered, “Is there more?”  Yes! there is.  If you are new to working out with Jenny Ford, welcome aboard and enjoy a free trial as we get to know each other.  

Jenny Ford is a certified fitness professional, yoga teacher, Marriage and Family Therapist, and mother of 4 boys. On a mission to make workout programs accessible for corporations, schools, and homes, Jenny travels the world creating enjoyable, research-based fitness classes.  

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Below are some of our goal oriented programs to help keep you consistent!

Walk Across America

Workout in All 50 States

Grief Yoga

7 Sesions

Seven Summits

65 Workouts

Step Hero

6 Workouts

Walk & Weights

14 Workouts

Beginner Yoga

3 Sessions

Mini to Mighty Walk

30 Workouts

Step Across America

Workout in All 50 States


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