WORKOUT 44 of 50 for Walk Across America and WORKOUT 44 of 50 for Step Across America

Visiting Wisconsin was super fun! We filmed in downtown Milwaukee in the late afternoon right after meeting our fitness friends Aaron and his husband Mike at a coffee shop called Colectivo Coffee. They were so charming and fun to talk with for over an hour! Hoping if we ever get back to Milwaukee again that Aaron will be able to join me in filming for a workout.

Earlier that day we met with Mary Crowder from Total Fitness DVDs for brunch. She is delightful! We then headed over to downtown Milwaukee and found a spot to film. The grass was wet and full of bird poop. Tyler found a big piece of plywood, and we set my mats up on top of the wood to film to help the surface not be quite so slippery.

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Aaron, Jenny, Tyler, Mike our Fabulous Fitness Friends (pictured left to right)
Walking through muddy, duck poop, grass to find a spot to film. Boys are carrying equipment.
Super happy with the location we picked.
Done filming. The only picture we took and Tyler had his eyes closed.

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