WORKOUT 10 of 50 We filmed in front of the Amstel House built in 1730 in historic New Castle. We’d love to come back and visit New Castle someday again. It was super muggy and Jenny was drenched between takes and tanking down the Powerade. Beautiful buildings surrounding the area were built between the 1700s-1900s.

Every year the home owners open their historic houses to the public for tours, given its history. The mat was set up on a brick pathway that was super uneven due to growing tree roots, but oh so pretty. There weren’t many people out and about as the state had just reopened a few days before from Covid. The streets were narrow and very charming with tall oak, maple, and beech trees. The old colonial-style homes made anyone feel at home, history just oozed from out of the handmade brick. Our only regret was that no one popped out of their house and offered us some cornbread and ale. We had hoped to film on some beachfront property but after an hour of searching for a spot to film, the charm and rich history of New Castle won us over. 

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