WORKOUT 28 of 50. We arrived in New Orleans the evening before we filmed. Finding parking was crazy! We wanted to try and film on the famous Bourbon Street and took a stroll up and down late at night to find a spot. It was December, and not as busy as other times.  A few people threw beads to my boys from the balconies from their hotels. We decided that if we came early the next morning we could beat the crowds.

Early the next morning we found a spot on Bourbon Street to park and set up across the street from there where the sidewalk was a little wider. So many people walked by while we were filming, and we were even stopped by one of our many fitness follower friends, Sindi, and we talked in between takes. One gentleman drove up and stopped to talk for ages, backing up traffic behind him. I tried to keep filming, but the bass in his car was overpowering. Another person on the street tried to set Tyler’s shoelaces on fire. Filming here was definitely one to remember.

After filming, I went to Touch Point Foot Reflexology for a foot treatment. It was extremely painful and wonderful after filming so many workouts on the trip. After that, we got delicious food to go from Mr. Ed’s Seafood & Oyster House.  The fish and gumbo were delicious.   

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