At-Home Workouts: Motivating or Demoralizing

Posted by Tyler Ford on

I felt pretty alarmed recently after reading an article that went completely against my at-home workouts experience. The title read: Step away from that exercise DVD! Home workouts 'may cause injury and psychological harm' because they promote unrealistic body images

It begs the question, who are these people working out with? I know it's quite trendy for some trainers/instructors to use guilt and shame to motivate their participants, but I really believe we don't have to subject ourselves to workouts that make us feel guilty and worthless.

This article goes on to say when exercisers use at-home workouts, 'You're inviting into your home these images and messages that could make you feel bad about yourself, and ultimately hinder your efforts to improve your health,' said Professor Cardinal, from Oregon State University. When at-home exercisers finish their workouts they should feel invincible and strong, ready to take on the day! 

Luckily we do have a choice who we work out with, and live in a time where there are so many great Free options. I love what one person posted in the comment section of this same article.

I've always said, picking an instructor that fits you is like finding a great pair of jeans. It may take a bit of searching, but the investment is so worth it! There are certain styles I completely stay away from, because they don't make me feel good about myself, or even comfortable. Studies show participants will stick with at-home workouts longer when they enjoy what they are doing and feel successful.

Your workout time is sacred. Why let negativity into that space? Spend time with fitness professionals who motivate you to move, remind you to be safe, help you have fun, and keep you coming back for more. If you've had a bad experience with at-home workouts, I'd encourage you to try again, with another instructor/trainer. There is one (or more) out there for you. At-home workouts can be motivating, even life-saving!

Tell me what you think. What's most important to you in at-home workouts? What qualities attract you to an instructor/trainer? Also, I'd love to hear who you enjoy spending your at-home workout time with! Leave me a comment below.

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