Protecting Your Body Through Active Recovery

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When trying a new exercise format, or coming back to working out after a break, you may experience muscle soreness. Your body certainly needs time to recover from a difficult workout, but that doesn't always mean complete rest. 

Muscle soreness may actually be eased and recovery promoted by doing light, low-impact exercise to get the heart rate a little bit above normal, such as with a brisk walk or marching/walking workout. Studies show that when you pump up your heart rate even slightly, you'll push more oxygen and nutrients through your body and bring healing hormones to your damaged muscle fibers, while removing unnecessary metabolic byproducts. 


One way to help avoid muscle soreness altogether, is to take a look at your day. Choose your workout according to the load your are carrying that day. For example, if you happen to have a very packed evening that will keep you out late, and cause you to have less hours of sleep, plan a workout that is not quite as intense that day.


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