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3rd Trip, after Cancer and Saying Goodbye to my Sweet Mother-in-Law, 2017

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2016-2017 was a rough period for our family. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with uterine cancer, my father-in-law was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, and my husbands grandfather died early in the year of 2017. 

We were fortunate that we lived so close to my mother-in-law, especially after her diagnosis. We were able to pop over to her home every day for the next 7 months, enjoying her and caring for her, until the cancer took her from us.

Jenny Ford and mother in law


Once she passed, we had the task of finding a memory care center for my father-in-law who could no longer take care of himself. It was a very emotionally taxing and difficult time for our family.

Just days after my mother-in-laws funeral, we went up to Montana to see her extended family for a reunion. It was very healing to be there.

On the travel back home, I filmed a step aerobics and a marching workout in front of the Grand Tetons. It was about this time that we decided to not only film step workouts all across America, but marching or walking  workouts as well for my March Across America Program

I love the view for these workouts! My Teton's Marching is a part of March Across America, Volume 1 and the Teton's Step is a part of Coast to Coast Step, Volume 2






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