4th Trip, Las Vegas Baby, 2017

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What a place to film a workout, at the Las Vegas Welcome Sign! We pulled into Vegas late at night, and in the morning we left the kids to sleep, and got the the sign around 6 am to try to beat the crowds of people.

I do have to say this one was one of the most challenging locations to film at, so far. We tried to set up off to the side, so we wouldn't bother anyone who wanted to take a picture. There were So. Many. People. My husband had a business call come in, so I just kept plowing through filming both a step workout and a marching workout. There were a lot of annoyed or curious or confused people, wondering what in the world was going on! 

It was serendipitous that Elvis showed up when I was nearing the end of my step workout. He was a riot, and had a loud booming voice! When I was done filming, he said he had lost a total of 50 pounds and was quite proud of himself. Yay Elvis! 

Elvis and Jenny Ford at Vegas filming step and marching workouts

     These two workouts have been released now. The marching workout is part of March Across America, Vol. 1 and the step workout is part of Step Across America, Vol. 2


    After our filming was done in Vegas, we hit Disneyland for a day, then headed back down to Oceanside, CA for an amazing Thanksgiving reunion in a beautiful beach house. I brought all my cooking pans and utensils so I could cook a huge Thanksgiving dinner for 25 people. It turned out delicious! 

    We caught this family picture too, one of my favorites! 


    I also filmed a Core and Abs workout that's part of my Ocean Side Stretch and Core Program, 3 great workouts! Oceanside Abs Jenny Ford

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