7th Trip, Monument Valley, AZ, 2018

Posted by Tyler Ford on

We decided to do a day trip to Monument Valley, AZ to film another Step & March Across America workout. We left early on a Saturday morning and drove 6.5 hours to get there. It was surprisingly hot for September. After scouting a location, we picked the John Ford lookout point, a famous spot where many movies have been filmed, including with John Wayne. It was a miraculous place! The spirit there was really amazing!

We arrived, I got loaded up with sunscreen. Once we were set up, I filmed a workout Vol. 2, March Across America first then a workout for Vol. 2, Step Across America

Here's a short video of the day.



On the way back we stopped at our family cabin and spent the night. Definitely a very long day, but filming went great!  


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