1st Trip for March & Step Across America Filming Workouts, Summer 2015

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We had been planning this trip for months, where to drive to first, and places  we'd stop to film workouts for my Step Across America workout program. Some of our plans were left open for spontaneity, but we had a pretty good idea of the general direction we'd travel to get to New York from our home in Utah. Before leaving I asked my followers what kind of fitness workouts they wanted me to film for them.

One of the first outdoor locations we filmed at was Mt. Rushmore. We didn't even try to set up close to the memorial, for fear of being kicked off. Instead we found a spot in the parking lot where you could still see the president's all in a row. It was raining, when we arrived, and something under our car hood was smoking.

Once the rain subsided a bit, Tyler got me set up to film, then discovered a furry rodent had crawled up into our car engine and burned out one of the fans. He got to work on removing the animal, my boys went to explore Mt. Rushmore, and I started to film. 

I was 10 minutes from being done filming the step workout when a security guard pulled up and just sat there watching me. Tyler still had his head under the hood, and didn't see him. I tried my best to ignore him and finish filming before it started raining hard again! The security guard started accusing me of having a TV show, and that he was going to shut us down. I got a little heated. Watch the video below. 

Filming in Milwaukee was super fun! We were racing to get there, because the sun was going down. We pulled up to the McKinley Beach. After setting up, I was joined by many random participants who happened to be walking by. I threw out my workout plan, and quickly came up with a marching workout segment we could all do with no practice. It was fun and terrifying to me! 

Next was Chicago. Tyler knew of a super pretty place to film along the North Shore. I filmed both a marching and step aerobics workout here. I absolutely love the view in this workout! It was super that day! 

Chicago North Shore Step Across America Jenny Ford

We then made it to New York! I filmed a step workout with the Statue of Liberty in the background, which eventually became one of the workouts on our Coast to Coast Step. It was actually Tyler's (my husbands)  birthday that day. We hit the location right before the golden hour, and I have to say it was one of the most magical experiences I had ever had filming, something about being so close to "Lady Liberty". 

Statue of Liberty Coast to Coast Step Jenny Ford

Niagara Falls was super windy! I was so surprised the sound actually worked once we got home and were going through the footage. That was a fun place as well. 

Niagara Falls Step Across America Jenny Ford

We naively tried to go visit the Canadian side without passports, after I was done filming on the USA side, and got detained at the border for a hour before they sent us back to the US side.  


 We swung back through Time's Square, and grabbed a few pictures. What an adventure! 

Times Square Step Across America Jenny Ford

The next place to film was Washington DC. It was July, and hot and muggy. Filming there almost did me in! 

Washington DC Step Across America Jenny Ford

 Tyler was a little worried about me. I think I suffered a little heat stroke. 

Jenny Ford Step Across America

The last place we filmed was Nauvoo, IL. Don't you love the Pringles can on the ground? Tyler used them as markers so I wouldn't go out of shot. We woke up so early that morning, our kids were still asleep in the hotel, and by the time we filmed and got back to the hotel, they were all still asleep!

Nauvoo, IL Step Across America Jenny Ford

These adventures were the start of my March & Step Across America, Vol. 1 series. It took us a few years to get it going, (See 'My Story' here) and we were really able to refine what we wanted to provide for people after we had some wonderful participants test out the workouts. 

And so the beginnings of March Across America, Step Across America, and Coast to Coast Step were born! Read about more adventures here

If you want to join me in Step Across America, we've got Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 up and ready for you to try. 

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  • Hi Jenny, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your marching workouts. When the weather allows I walk for exercise, but during the winter I use your marching workouts. I, too, live in Utah and this has been a good winter to stay indoors. Every morning I do two of your 30 minute workouts or the 45 minute Hi Lo Cardio, which is my favorite. I found your workouts on Amazon prime and this is my second winter using them. Thanks for keeping me motivated and interested with your fun workouts! I also enjoy reading your blog.

    Lori on

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