Vol. 2 Step Coast to Coast UT, NM & WY (Download) [Not Beginner]

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These are the next THREE of my Coast to Coast Step workouts. The locations are all new and still breathtaking. The Tetons view is stunning. Moves are a little more simple in this one, but it gives participants the option to raise the bench height for more intensity. I really enjoyed filming a workout at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta! What a beautiful sight! This workout is a little more choreographed, and super fun! Lastly, I filmed another step HIIT at the Alta Ski Resort. What a switch from Hawaii! It was a mere 16 degrees that day! Brrrr! You wouldn't believe how many requests I've gotten to film another HIIT Step after my Hawaii HIIT! I'm so excited for everyone to try these new ones out. As always, I'd be forever grateful if you'd leave me a review. 

These step aerobics workouts are not for the faint of heart, and you'll definitely get your heart pumping. I've listed how many steps you can get by performing each workout below, and you'll be able to easily meet your 10,000 steps for the day.

Both Tetons and New Mexico workouts start with fun warm-ups. Learn fresh choreographed combos, and do them back to back at the end, followed by a cool down and stretch. A more detailed description of the moves for  these workouts is listed below. 

Alta HIIT Step back by popular demand, participants loved my Hawaii HIIT in Step Coast to Coast, Vol. 1, so I've brought it back! This HIIT step workout has a fairly simple warm-up targeting all angles of the body. Once you're warm, move on to one long section of step with HIIT bursts all throughout the section. For each HIIT section you'll have the option of doing 15 or 30 seconds of HIIT or higher intensity moves, then you'll do active recovery. The moves are simple but effective. End with a stretch. Scroll down for a more detailed description of this workout. 

In all three workouts, modifications are always cued. If you're not up for higher intensity moves or direction changes I'll demonstrate a base move you can stick with. If you want to kick it up, I'll show you progressions and give you many different options.

Grand Tetons Step: run time- 30 min. (3,640 steps)

New Mexico Step: run time- 30 min. (3,640 steps)

Alta HIIT Step: run time- 34 min. (4,160 steps)

Tetons Step: Begin with a quick warm-up combo to get the heart pumping. Combo 1 has a rocking horse, basics, V-steps, and an X-step. Combo 2 is more athletic with a fun 7-lift step repeater variation followed by leg back corner to corner. Combo 3 has a fun-arm pattern repeater, kicks corner corner, and a march around bench. Once we've learned all the combos, we'll put them all back to back by practicing each combo four times. End with a cool-down and some stretches.

New Mexico Step: Start with a quick fun warm-up combo to get the heart rate up.  Combo 1 has ham curls corner corner, mambo cha cha's (one of my favorites) basics, up lunge one exit each side. Combo 2 is more athletic, with leg back and revolving doors. Do Combo 1 and 2 back to back then move on to Combo 3 where you'll do turn step ball changes, diagonals, kicks and a repeater. Once you've learned all the combos, put them all back to back. End with cool-down and some stretches.

Alta HIIT Step: This entire workout is more athletic than my usual step workouts. I'll always show a low-impact version, or base move of each move. You can progress to the high intensity version if you like, (HIIT) or stick with the base move. We've included a 15 or 30 second timer to help you stay on target during the intervals. I'll talk about the next move during the active recovery periods, then you'll punch it up for your HIIT exercises. You'll do Charleston's, skates, side and rear lunges with variations, 2 knee repeaters with propulsion, march and jog, karate kick L-steps, ponies, across the tops, running basics and repeater runs, squats with side leg lift, X-steps with propulsion, and finishing off with shuffles. You can always keep the move low-impact if needed. 

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