Vol. 2 Step Across America 6-10 (Download)

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Excited for everyone to try STEP ACROSS AMERICA, Vol. 2. We traveled to 5 new states and made some great memories as a family so we could bring you this next volume. I truly can't wait for you to step with me!

Monument Valley, was so beautiful! The background almost looks like a green screen, but I promise you it was hot, and I got very sweaty and dusty filming there. Alta Ski Resort, was exactly the opposite at 16 degrees, brrr! I love watching the snow flurries in the background, they look like floating diamonds. Las Vegas, was crazy! We got up super early to try and beat the crowds of people, to no avail! Elvis even made an appearance towards the end of the workout. The National Monument was also very beautiful. The drive in was super scary with  huge 1000s of feet cliff drops right next to our car! And finally, in Idaho Falls I was joined by 3 great exercisers. We had so much fun! After we were done filming one of my "biggest YouTube fans" as she put it, happened to be walking by. It was a delight to meet her!   

  • 6 of 50 Monument Valley, Arizona : 36 min. Warm-up with basics, V-steps, followed by lift steps like knees, ham curls, kicks, leg back, and side legs. Combo one begins with ham curls, three ham repeaters, three alternate hams, ham curl up-knee lift- ham or rocking horses. Then on to leg back corner corner and basics that progress to syncopated basics. Combo two begins with knees, three knee repeaters, three alternate knees on the corner progressing to an L-step. Next is side legs corner corner, then step tap on top of the bench progressing to step tap off the end. Combo three starts with knees corner corner then to kicks corner corner. On to three kick repeater then three alternate kicks that change to kick tap kick, and finally kick-lunge back-kick or Charleston’s. Followed by basics and V-steps. Cool down and stretch. 
  • 7 of 50 Alta Ski Resort, Utah: 30 min. Warm-up with basics and various lift steps. Combo one begins with knees corner corner, then three knee repeaters corner corner. Pick it up to 3 alternate knees then on to 5 alternate knees and 5 basics. Change to an L-step 5 alternate knees, basics and kicks corner corner. Combo two is the same pattern but with different lift steps. Starting with ham curls corner corner, three ham repeaters, three alternate ham repeaters, then 5 alternate ham repeaters and 5 basics. Add on leg back corner to corner. Combo 3 starts with side legs corner corner, three side leg repeater, three alternate side legs, then 5 alternate side legs. Progressing on to an L-step with 5 alternate side legs, 5 basics, and insoles corner to corner. Combo 4 is more athletic. Start with knees corner corner, 2 knee repeaters with four marches or jog, 3 knee repeaters, and 7 knee repeaters. Then same pattern with ham curls. Finish off with a quick cool down and stretch. 
  • 8 of 50 Las Vegas, Nevada: 37 min. Warm-up with basics and various lift steps followed by V-steps and various lift steps. Combo one starts with 4 knee repeaters, marches, V-steps with syncopated rhythm "Wonder Woman", knees corner corner, and step tap off each end. Combo two starts with 4 ham curl repeaters, marches, "Wonder Woman", knees corner corner, step tap off each end. Now that you know the pattern, combo 3 goes right into 4 side leg repeater, "Wonder Woman", knees corner corner, and step tap off each end. Then 4 leg back repeater, "Wonder Woman", then step tap off each end. Cool down quickly and stretch it out. *Note: Elvis makes a guest appearance around 26:55. Please keep an eye on your bench so you don't trip. 
  • 9 of 50 National Monument, Colorado: 29 min. Warm-up with basics and V-steps with fun arm patterns and various lift steps corner to corner. Section one has 3 knee repeaters, basics with fun arms, and leg back corner. Then on to 7 knee repeaters, basics with arms, and leg back corner to corner. Section two has a ham curl L-step, basics with arms, and side legs corner corner. Section three is a cardio push with Charleston kick repeaters corner to corner. Cool down quickly and end with a stretch. 
  • 10 of 50 Idaho Falls, Idaho: 32 min. Warm-up with basics and V-steps then knees, hams, kicks, leg back, and side legs corner corner. Combo one has 3 knee repeaters, side legs corner corner, and 4 alternate kicks on the corner. Combo two has a long rocking horse, basics and V-steps with fun arms. Combo three has the "hot potato" repeater, and leg back corner corner. You'll end up doing all three combos back to back. Then finish up with a cool down and stretch. 

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