Pregnancy Workout Program

Pregnancy Workout Program

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This Pregnancy Workout Program was created for all of my beautiful expecting mama's. We filmed it when I was in my 3rd trimester, and I specifically wanted the program to include a variety of cardio workout choices, some light weight lifting, and a refreshing pilates style toning workout for the entire body. For each workout, you can break up the sections and do one chunk per day, or complete the entire workout depending how you're feeling. 

Working out during pregnancy can be a wonderful stress reliever, help ease achey joints, and definitely builds your endurance to get you ready for labor, delivery, and recovery. 

Workout descriptions below. If you want to check out the workouts before buying, click on each workout title. Feel free to save the workout schedule.




Pregnancy High/Low Impact Cardio:

Participant Level: Basic to Intermediate Description: The warm-up begins with a fun combo taught through layering. Each layer will add more complex choreography until we put it all together. Enjoy a small stretch once your muscles are warm, then move on to combos 1-3. I will give options to help keep moves at a lower impact version, or you can always pick up the intensity through higher impact moves. We'll add direction changes, and even change the order of the moves to keep everything fresh and fun. Enjoy all the classic moves like insoles, repeaters, grapevines, ponies, kick ball change, and mambos. Once you've learned the 3 combos, we'll run through them all back to back in a final finale! Then cool down with another creative combination before we stretch.

Pregnancy Step & Weights:

Great step and weights workout using a step bench. Follow Janelle on the left of your screen if you want to modify moves, or if you don't have a step bench. This workout is divided into 6 blocks. Each block begins with a base move that'll work your lower body using a step. You can stay with the base move, or move on to a cardio push if you feel strong. We'll then go into an active recovery period which will prepare your body for weight sections that help strengthen the upper body. All exercises will get you ready for labor, delivery, and recovery. This workout is part of a pregnancy workout program that I'll be releasing over the next while. You certainly don't have to be pregnant to do this workout. Be sure to let me know what you think! Please check with your doctor or healthcare provider before beginning this or any workout.  

Pregnancy Toning & Stretching:

Yoga/pilates style pregnancy workout is divided into four great stretching and toning sections that will help ease pregnancy aches and pains, prepare your body for labor and delivery, and leave you feeling refreshed. You can do this workout barefoot, and you'll need a mat or towel, a chair, and a pillow. The first section begins with pelvic tilts in a standing position, then on to a side stretch and finally seated walks to help strengthen your abdominals. The second section is on all 4's in table top position where you'll draw circles with your hips, and really stretch out the spin by rounding the back to the ceiling. Add in some leg extensions, then finish with a relaxing child's pose. In the third section you'll be in a side position starting with modified side planks. Next we'll work on leg lifts, clams, and side crunches. In the final section, you'll be seated. We'll start with a modified pregnancy forward fold, then on to a butterfly stretch, and finish out with stretches for your spine, posture and neck. You can repeat any section if you need a little more stretching and want to work your body a little more.

Please consult your health care provider or doctor before beginning this workout program. 

Pregnancy Marching Workout: 

Marching workout with fun and simple heart-pumping moves. After a quick warm-up work your way through 3 fun sections. Section 1 includes marches, traveling ham curls, front kicks, and knee lifts. Section 2 has ham curl repeaters to challenge the balance and endurance, wide and narrow marches that progress to out-out-in-in. Section 3 adds in some lateral moves like grapevines, rocking horses as well as marching up and back. Each section includes a toning section for the lower body and a cardio push. Cool down has a few fun moves to help engage the mind and the body, and bring the heart rate down before stretching.