Step Hero is the most Dynamic and Comprehensive Learn to Step Program in the World!

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BEGINNERS through ADVANCED exercisers have experienced how simple and effective STEP HERO is, as a MIND and BODY workout. 



As a mom of four active boys Jenny knows your time is extremely valuable, and of the highs and lows one can experience with your body throughout life. She has been helping people all over the world transform their lives through step.    Dubbed the 'Queen of Step' by her peers, the passion and energy she brings to each and every workout will keep you moving and motivated to come back again and again. 

As someone who suffers from anxiety Jenny knows the positive impact step cardio brings to both the body and the mind.  Step is a TRUE, MIND and BODY workout -- this is exactly why Jenny loves step and you will too!  



Step gives you all the benefits of running at 7 MILES PER HOUR (MPH) but the stress on the body is much, much lower.  Step workouts are extremely effective with LOW IMPACT / HIGH INTENSITY. 


Step is based on the SIMPLE VERTICAL MOVEMENT of climbing stairs. You know how effective stairs are in getting your heart rate up quickly. Top athletes do this type of training all the time.



Beyond helping you lose weight effectively, step will give you TARGETED RESULTS. Step tones and tightens the thighs and glutes, sharpening your curves.



Balance is so important to us. Step improves both MUSCLE strength in your CORE and lower body, giving you better control of your movements.   




A HARVARD study lists step as one of the top exercises to burn MAXIMUM CALORIES. 



Master instructor Jenny Ford will teach you at a beginner level starting with the basic FUNDAMENTALS of step, and YES! it's still an amazing workout. 


You will alternate between basic steps and lift steps and continue to learn the language and moves associated with becoming a STEP HERO!



Start to learn ROTATIONAL MOVES in this workout by taking your lift steps corner to corner rather than facing front the entire time.



In this workout you will learn one of Jenny's most favorite step moves, The CHARLESTON and build on moves you have learned so far. 


Things get serious as you alternate between basics and lift steps. All of my back up people in this workout participated in the AMERICAN NIJA WARRIOR.



This is where the magic happens.  We put everything together and you now have a solid foundation to move on to other step workouts. You are a Step Hero!



   Listen to "Shell My Belle" she lost 100 pounds doing step:

Facebook Comments:

ASHLI W."I love stepping because it keeps your mind busy. I do much better working out when there is a strong beat to follow."

Melinda T. "I can do it in my home when its convenient for me."

Patti M.  " ...I tend to store fat on my thighs and hips. Stepping helps with controlling that."