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    Welcome to Freedom.fit where you can find all my available workouts. 

    Teaching group fitness opened up a joy inside of me I had never experienced before! I started as a group fitness instructor teaching water aerobics so my sons could have free swim lessons. In 2008, I certified as a fitness instructor and had the amazing opportunity to have 'One-on-One Instructor Training' with Christi Taylor.

    Watch my personal story of how 'Jenny Ford Fitness' came to be in the video below:

    My focus today is on four fabulous products:

    1. Step Across America: anyone can do these step aerobic routines. The first five workouts cover all the basic step moves.  Once complete we will have workouts from all 50 states. 

    2. March Across America: these low impact workouts are for everyone. With workouts from all 50 states you will be sure to meet your fitness goals. 

    3. Coast to Coast: These workouts cater towards participants with a background in step. If you're new to step you may get frustrated doing these workouts. 

    4. Learn to Step: These workouts will teach you the basics of step aerobics. They are meant for people with zero experience stepping. 

     I love being a part of my participants fitness goals.  

    ~Jenny Ford