Vol. 1 March Across America 1-5 (Download) [Beginner]

Vol. 1 March Across America 1-5 (Download) [Beginner]

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The first 5 of my 50 MARCH ACROSS AMERICA workouts are now available for download!

Each workout has power-pushes to really kick the heart rate up. Moves are never intimidating, but always engage both the mind and the body.  (Low-impact options are always demonstrated) 

March your way across America with me!  

  • 1 of 50 Malibu, California: 28 min(3445 Steps)March through 3 fun sections with optional power bursts.
  • 2 of 50: Zion's National Park, Utah: 26 min. (3120 Steps) This workout has 3 great sections, and the entire workout has simple kickboxing moves like shuffles, punches, and strong kicks and knee lifts. Optional power bursts.  
  • 3 of 50: The Grand Tetons, Wyoming: 21 min. (2535 Steps)  Three fun sections where we'll learn the marching pattern and insert different moves to mix it up and work all your muscles. Optional power bursts. 
  • 4 of 50: Las Vegas, Nevada: 26 min. (3120 Steps) March with me at the iconic welcome sign. (Boy this place was busy!) Work through 3 marching sections in addition to more lower body toning and quick side and back lunges. 
  • 5 of 50: Laie, Hawaii: 28 min. (3055 Steps) Lower body toning infused in the marching sections. Try my Hawaiian grapevine and 'hot coals' to increase your heart rate. 

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