Vol. 2 March Across America 6-10 (Download)

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Ready to try MARCH ACROSS AMERICA, Volume 2? What an adventure it was for our family to travel to five new states so we could bring you these next five marching workouts.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, was such a unique place! 10 Cadillac’s were buried in the ground. Visitors would come and spray the cars, and moments later it would be sprayed over by someone else. Next is Nauvoo. We got up at the crack of dawn to try and beat the daytime heat, and let our kids sleep in at the hotel. Then Idaho Falls, where three great exercisers joined me. Once we were done filming here, one of my YouTube followers happened to be walking by, and I had so much fun meeting her! Monument Valley was beautiful and I was surprised that even in September it was pretty hot! The National Monument was also very pretty. Big thank you to my husband, boys, and Sophie (our dog) for accompanying me on these trips. We certainly had some crazy, fun memories!  

  • 6 of 50 Amarillo, Texas (Cadillac Ranch), 33 min. Warm-up with marches, and other simple lift steps, then add in lower body toning. There are 3 sections that will get your heart pumping, and in each section you'll have the option to do a power push to really get the heart pumping. Finish off with hop kicks and a great stretch. 
  • 7 of 50 Nauvoo, Illinois: 29 min. Warm-up with marches, step knee lifts, single step touches, double step touches, grape vines, and big knee lifts. Each section starts with fun moves, and once you’ve learned them, we'll repeat them from the top. In Section 2 you'll learn the pattern, and repeat the it with different lift steps. Cool down and a quick stretch.  
  • 8 of 50 Idaho Falls, Idaho: 29 min. Warm-up with marches and 3 new friends. After doing different lift steps, we'll do ‘potato bag pick-up squats’ followed by standing side crunches. Sections 1-3 are super fun. At the end of Section 3 learn the mashed potato dance. Cool down and a quick stretch. 
  • 9 of 50 Monument Valley, Arizona: 30 min. Warm-up with marches, and step knees. Sections 1-3 have marches, lift steps put together in new and interesting ways, and each section has a power push to challenge your endurance. Cool down and stretch. 
  • 10 of 50 National Monument, Colorado: 29 min. Warm-up with marches and lift steps. Then work through Sections 1-3 with more new ways to pump up the heart rate, and get that mind/body connection. End with a cool down and stretch. 

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