Marching Workout with Cardio Bursts

Marching Workout with Cardio Bursts

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Can't wait for you to try out this heart pumping Marching (walk at-home full-length) Workout. I partnered with SelectHealth for this workout. Let me know what you think below!

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

No equipment required.

Description: Start with a quick marching warm-up that's integrated into the main workout. Next work your way through 3 fun sections. You'll have the option to kick it up with high impact moves in each section or low impact moves will be cued if you want to keep the moves easier on the joints. Do what feels good for your body.

Kick that heart rate up with power cardio pushes and bursts by doing: power skips, jogs, ham hops, speed skates, hop kicks, torso twists, uppercut punches, feet shuffles with speed bags, squats, side lunges, side lateral hops, quick insoles, and finish off with power knee repeaters. End with a cool-down and a few stretches before you get on with your day.