Ocean Side Stretch and Core THREE WORKOUTS

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You're going to love this combo pack of 3 amazing workouts that will specifically target and strengthen every angle of your core, abs, and overall body with a refreshing stretch. Celebrate the health and strength of your core, and build a stronger core from the inside out.

All three workouts were filmed by the beautiful ocean side in Hawaii and California. Each workout has been tested out in my live classes, and my participants have loved each of them!

You can enjoy the sounds of nature, with the crashing waves and wind, or you're welcome to put on your favorite music at home.  

Benefits: Your core is your powerhouse. Think of it as the central link to both your upper and lower body. Training and strengthening your core will help you in your day to day activities. Gain more stability, mobility, better balance, and improved quality of life as well as better posture and toned abs.

Hawaii Stretch: (Run Time- 31 min.)

(Equipment: optional mat and chair)

In this relaxing stretch session you'll stretch your entire body head to toe. Add this to the end of your workouts, or do it on your 'active rest' day. Begin in a standing position working your shoulders, neck, spine, back, side, quads, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, glutes, ankles, and feet. (Use an chair for balance if needed.) Then while on all 4's, move through great exercises for the back and shoulders, including bird-dog and downward dog. Then lay down for cobra and child's pose followed by a great hip flexor stretch. Finish off with butterfly and a great stretch for the chest and neck. Add in a seated spinal twist. Finish with a hamstring and figure 4 stretch, supine spinal stretch, and my favorite spine massage. End in corpse pose for as long as you have time. 

Hawaii Stability Ball: (Run Time- 33 min.)

(Equipment: stability ball and optional mat)

Warm-up the lower and upper body in a standing position using your stability ball. You'll have many options in this workout to either progress a move or regress as needed. Then in a seated position we'll get in a cardio session where you can get your heart rate up as well as challenge your balance and stability. Lying face up go through variations of crunches to target the front wall of your abdominals as well as the obliques. Bridges will help strengthen and tone your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. Then kneel behind the ball for exercises that will strengthen your low back, shoulders, chest and arms. Move on to plank variations and pick the moves that feel good for your body. Side crunches will help you get deeper into your obliques and slim the waistline. In seated position you'll work on V-sits and full-body roll ups. Finish off with scissors, and passing the ball from arms to feet. End with an amazing stretch utilizing your stability ball. 

Oceanside Core & Abs: (Run Time- 16 min.)

(Equipment: optional mat)

Perform each exercise at the intensity level that is best for you. Begin seated for Russian twists then on to roll backs. Next, side planks and seated extensions. On to scissors then flutter kicks and knee pulls. Kneeling you'll recline to work the front wall of your abdominals and quads then push-up planks with some variations. Finish off with three great elbow plank varieties and a relaxing child's pose. You'll have the option to make each of the moves more challenging, or regress if needed. Make the moves work for you.