Vol. 1, Step Coast to Coast NY, SF, & Hawaii (Download)[Not Beginner]

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These are THREE of my all time favorite step workouts I've ever filmed. They hold a really special place in my heart! The locations are breathtaking and the workouts are not for the faint of heart. Get your heart pumping and meet your 10,000 steps for the day. I've listed how many steps you can get for each workout below.

Both Statue of Liberty Step and Golden Gate Step start with fun warm-ups. Learn fresh combos, and do them back to back at the end, followed by a cool down and stretch. A more detailed description of the moves in these workouts is listed below. 

Hawaii Interval Step is made up of 3 sections. In each section you'll have the option of 30 seconds of HIIT or higher intensity moves, then 60 seconds of active recovery. The moves are simple but effective. End with a stretch. Scroll down for a more detailed description of this workout. 

In all three workouts, modifications are always cued. If you're not up for higher intensity moves or direction changes I'll demonstrate a base move you can stick with. If you want to kick it up, I'll show you progressions and give you many different options.

Statue of Liberty Step: run time- 47min. (5720 steps)

Golden Gate Step: run time- 35 min. (4,420 steps)

Hawaii Interval Step: run time- 30 min. (3,640 steps)

Statue of Liberty Step: Begin with a warm-up combo, with 4 ham curl repeaters, leg back, and side legs followed by quick stretches. Combo 1 starts with two stomp repeaters, over the top with a straddle and fun arm variations, and march around the bench. Combo 2 is more athletic with kicks corner corner, basics, and running basics. Combo 3 has L-steps, legs back or scissor over, and tap off each end. Combo 4 starts with a knee run repeater, disco V-steps, ham hop hold, and side leg hold. Once we've learned all the combos, we'll put them all back to back. End with a fun combo cool-down and some stretches.

Golden Gate Step: Start with a fun warm-up combo with a rocking horse, kicks corner corner, turn steps, and side legs corner corner followed by quick stretches. Combo 1 begins with single stomps and double stomps with some direction changes, and side legs around the world or corner to corner, stomp up down knee repeater. Combo 2 has a leg back, walk back kick, three hams on top of the bench, 2 knee repeater, straddle cross march. Combo 3 is more athletic with a 7 knee repeater followed by V-steps and squat out on the floor. Once we've learned all the combos, we'll put them all back to back. End with a fun combo cool-down and some stretches.

Hawaii Step Intervals: This entire workout is more athletic than any step workout I've ever filmed. I will always show you a low-impact version of each move. You can progress to a higher intensity move if you like, (HIIT) or stick with the base move. We'll learn what the next move will be during 60 seconds of active recovery, then punch it up for 30 seconds. We've included a 30 second timer to help you stay on target. You'll do jump shots corner to corner, side tap lunges, long knee repeaters, quick toe taps on the bench, 3 leg back repeater with propulsion, jacks on the bench and the floor, lunge backs, up, up, straddle down, 2 knee repeaters with a march or jog on the floor, 3 pulse squats over, and running basics. You can always keep the move low-impact in needed. 

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