Weight Training – Solution to a Healthier Life

Want to know the secret to live a longer life? What if it’s as simple as consistent strength training with a weight-training program! A study from Penn State College of Medicine states that we’ll literally reduce our risk for death by strength training! It’s never too late, and we’re never too old to begin a weight-training program.

A few amazing facts about weight training sessions are that more calories are burned long after the workout is done. Strength training literally speeds up our metabolism like no other exercise. In other words, the more consistent we are with weight lifting, we’ll actually rev up the metabolism and burn calories longer through the day, even when at rest!

By adding resistance workouts into our exercise routine, with as little as 2 weight sessions per week, participants not only build muscle, but improve stamina, balance, and increase bone density, which is especially important for women! All of these things collectively help reduce with risks for falling and fractures down the road, which are a major cause of disability and death for older people.

Having strong muscles is a lifesaver! Our amazing, strong, muscles will protect us and create a higher quality of life to make life more enjoyable for ourselves and the ones we love.

Whether new to strength training or it’s a regular fitness activity in your life, here’s a great workout series to try. They’re each 25 minutes and perfect for every level. Try the Total Body Weight Workout 1 of 2 first, then finish off with Total Body Weight Workout 2 of 2 . Follow the Michele on the left side of your screen for modifications.

Equipment: One Set of Light Dumbbells, One Set of Heavy Dumbbells, Optional Mat and Towel to Dry Off With

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