WORKOUT 39 of 50 for Walk Across America and WORKOUT 39 of 50 for Step Across America.

Oftentimes while traveling we would ask our community of followers on social media what they suggested as interesting places to film in their state. Many recommended the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama. This was a perfect location, as it was right off Interstate 10. We were there in December and the heat and temperature were rather impressive.

The park is privately run and funded, and they granted permission for us to film on the site. The staff was so friendly, we thought we would get an eye roll or “here we go again” or “no, it’s private property, no filming allowed”. Instead, we found warm loving people willing to help. The only request they made is if we made a lot of money on the project, maybe think about making a donation to the park to help preserve it. The site is very impressive and welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.  While we filmed the workouts the kids explored the battleship and waved at us from the bow of the ship. If you look closely during the workout you can see them. 

Start your journey from home now with the Walk and Step Across America Program!

Here’s what some participants are saying about these programs:

“I’ve been doing Jenny Ford’s workouts from YouTube on and off for years but Walk and Step Across America takes the cake. All of the moves are doable for any fitness level- I had gained a significant amount of weight following a family crisis and even at my heaviest of 300 lbs. I was able to do her videos without feeling like I was out of my league.”

“I love these workouts. I do them daily Monday-Friday. I have lost 75 lbs. and these videos keep me motivated and I can see a change in my belly. I lost weight before doing the videos, however, the videos have helped to tone. The videos are easy to follow and Jenny will slowly teach you the steps so you don’t feel out of place.”

“I’ve been doing the Jenny Ford marching and cardio workouts both here and on her YouTube channel for a couple of years now. I was very excited to see the full 50 state walking and stepping program come out this month!”

“There is so much to love about these workouts including Ford’s gentle and encouraging instruction, the timer that always helps me stay motivated by watching the time keep moving along, and the ease of the choreography while still providing a vigorous workout.”

“I don’t particularly like to work out any more than most people. But, this is SUCH a great idea! It makes working out more fun with different scenery every day. I also like the fact that it is great for a variety of fitness levels. She shows you how to kick it up a notch if you want to or keep it low impact. Jenny is very positive and encouraging.”

“Jenny is truly the best and most encouraging to work out with. I get excited every day to see what state we are in!”

“With so many different workouts, Jenny keeps me motivated and never bored. The Walk and Step Across America Programs are 50 different 30-minute workouts. Designed to be easy to follow no matter your fitness level, you can keep the moves as easy or hard as you like, depending on the amount of intensity you put into the workout. The background scenery is beautiful, showing places many of us have never been. Jenny is always upbeat and precise in her directions, offering advice and examples for every fitness level. I get all the workouts I need without having to leave home.”

“I started in my home state of New Hampshire. It was wonderful, and I love the countdown meter is tiny and does not ruin the views of Mount Washington. I also started doing this on my lunch break at work it is a wonderful video to look forward to. When you’re sitting for 8 hours a day I look forward to the completion of Walk and Step Across America.”