WORKOUT 8 of 50 for Walk Across America and WORKOUT 8 of 50 for Step Across America

California was the start of our travels filming workouts across America in outdoor locations. We decided to try filming by the ocean and see how it would go. Our family loves visiting California. It is the closest state to the ocean from our home and only a 12-hour drive. We’ve made many wonderful family memories here from the beach, to Disneyland, being on The Price is Right as audience members, and buying stained glass windows from Kim Kardashian’s neighbor in Hidden Hills. Jenny lived her toddler years in Los Angeles and her teenage years in San Jose. Tyler was conceived in California before his parents moved out of state. We have lots of friends here and we love to visit whenever we can.

We were able to film in two locations in California. Walk Across America was filmed on a beach in Malibu, over 7 years ago, right off of historic highway 101. It was a busy road and the location had a lot of energy. During filming there were different cars of men that would drive by on the highway, catcalling loudly in the background. It was here that we began to formulate the idea of filming workouts all across America. We had our baby with us because he was still nursing. It was March and quite chilly, the perfect weather to work out and sweat in. Filming at a lower elevation of 105’ was heavenly compared to the 4450’ elevation we live in. As a family, we love the ocean! It is one place we try to get to for family trips whenever possible. Check out the behind-the-scenes of the Walk Across America workout filmed in Malibu below.

Step Across America was filmed in Oceanside, CA years later. We love to visit Oceanside, and this time was no different. A perfect little grassy spot to set up and film out of the way, but with the beautiful ocean behind. Check out the picture of Jenny standing on a beach ball in Oceanside. The beach balls were made of cement, like the red balls you find out front of Target, and it was fun to get a picture on top of one.

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