WORKOUT 29 of 50 for Walk Across America and WORKOUT 29 of 50 for Step Across America

We filmed in Idaho Falls on our way up to a family gathering. I hired three professional dancers who were from a local college in Idaho, and we met them there at a designated time. It was a hot summer day, but a lot of fun to film with the dancers. None of them had done step aerobics before, but I taught them before we began filming, and they did amazingly well!

After we were done filming, we were gathered together to take a few pictures, one of our fitness followers from online, a woman named Puttiphon, and her daughter Corrie happened to be walking by yelled out, “Jenny Ford, is that you?” She was delightful and said she had just worked out with me that morning. So fun when we run into community members on our travels across America!  

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