WORKOUT 47 of 50 for Walk Across America and WORKOUT 47 of 50 for Step Across America.

The Gateway Arch is such an iconic monument. We had visions of driving up to the arch and finding a great spot to film and enjoying the day. What we found was that if we filmed in the park where that arch was you couldn’t get the whole of the arch into the shot.

As we drove around to be far enough away to get the arch in shot other buildings would obstruct the view. We noticed a park across the Mississippi River and there we found the perfect spot. We filmed at Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park with the Gateway Arch in the background. It was raining and luckily stopped long enough for us to film. The view was marvelous with the big, flowing American flag in the background. 

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Walk Across America Workout
Step Across America Program
Sign display at the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park
All the guys carrying in the gear before we begin filming

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