Who Killed Step Aerobics?

Here are a few potential reasons that may have contributed to a decline in the prominence of step aerobics: It is worth noting that while step aerobics may not be as ubiquitous or mainstream as it once was, it still has a dedicated following and remains a viable exercise option for many individuals. Furthermore, fitness […]

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How To Do Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is a popular form of cardiovascular exercise that involves performing choreographed movements on an elevated platform called a step. Here’s a general guide on how to do step aerobics: Remember, it’s important to start at a level appropriate for your fitness and gradually increase the intensity and complexity of the steps as you

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WORKOUT 18 of 50 We made a day trip as a family to film in historic, breathtaking, and spiritual, Monument Valley. Despite living so close, (about a 7 hour drive), this was our first time visiting. WOW! This location should be on everyone’s bucket list. Ultimately one of the pictures was chosen as the cover photo for

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