10 Benefits of Step Aerobics Training

There are so many incredible, amazing benefits of step aerobics, and here are the top 10 that made our list.

  1. Stepping consistently makes us stronger, improves body composition, muscle strength, endurance, and increases weight loss.
  2. Step not only tones and strengthens the lower body but steppers utilize the upper body with fun arm patterns making it not only challenging but super fun.
  3. There are many ways to make step work for any fitness level. For more of a challenge, and to burn more calories, participants simply raise the height of the step bench, add in propulsion movesments, and make leg and arm movements bigger. 
  4. To make the step workout low-impact, keep the step bench at the lowest height. While stepping, keep your hands on hips, or let arms swing naturally without adding any arm patterns until comfortable.
  5. Step is a complete mind and body workout. Constantly engage both the mind and body throughout the entire workout, which will help with coordination, balance, and cognitive function.
  6. Step is a muscularly balanced total body workout. Work both the right side and left side of the body equally through the stepping session. Step is overall easier on joints, it will also improve balance, coordination, and endurance.
  7. All participants can start at a beginner level, (try the Step Hero Program) and get comfortable with steps and terminology, then slowly progress to next level of step workouts. Never get bored! 
  8. Stepper’s can choose highly choreographed dance-y step workouts, athletic-based step workouts, simple beginner moves, or somewhere in between, depending on what type is most enjoyed.
  9. The calorie burn on step is incredible! Stepping for one hour should give steppers around 8,000+ steps for the day.
  10. Step is exercise that keeps participants focused and in the present moment. We’re able to disconnect from our phones, the internet, helping to reduce stress and depression, as well as boost the mood. Time flies because participants are kept so engaged through each session.

Step classes may not be offered in gyms in your particular area, but anyone can easily keep stepping right at home at a time that’s most convenient. Step has definitely stood the test of time because it works! The amazing Gin Miller created this fabulous format 30 years ago, and it’s still loved by many exercisers all over the world!

Ready to try step or getting back to step training? The Step Hero Program is a great place to begin. It’s the most comprehensive learn-to-do step aerobics program on the market. The beauty of this program is that participants go at their own pace. Choose how and when to exercise each day. Don’t worry about anyone else. Some start out doing a few minutes of a step workout each day and build up endurance, little by little.

Once you’ve mastered Step Hero, (also available on DVD) move on to the Seven Summit Step Challenge. This is a great one to prepare everyone for the Step Across America Program that will be released in the new year. Step Across America was filmed in all 50 states across the USA and each workout is a full 30-minute workout.

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