WORKOUT 40 of 50 Getting into Alaska was quite the ordeal. At the time we went Alaska required anyone who wanted to enter the state to prove that they tested negative for COVID19 within 72 hours of the test. We tested as a family In Seattle a few days before flying out. It was a dream to spend a few days in Alaska once we arrived. After flying into Anchorage we had trouble renting a car because we only had a debit card. Our hotel was close to the airport and for dinner two nights in a row we ate at the TOZAI Japanese Restaurant. They had the most delicious salmon sushi!

Our friend from Alaska recommended a place called Portage Glacier. It was about a 1.5-hour drive one way. We had no cell service once we were there. After scoping the perfect scenic spot, we decided we needed to head back to Anchorage Home Depot where we bought supplies to construct a little platform to stand on for the workouts.

With Alaska’s late sun hours, we set up to film and about 10 pm and finished at about 11:30 pm. We had all our kids there, except for one who had to fly home early for work. There was almost no one else there because of COVID. If it had business as usual, we would have never been able to film with such an unobstructed view. Though Alaska can be found as the 40th workout in both the Walk and Step Across America Programs, it’s actually the last workout we filmed. A lot of tears were shed when we wrapped filming because it meant we had made it to all 50 states.

We didn’t understand it at the time, but our oldest son began to have a psychotic break on this trip. His behavior was pretty unsettling, and we were very worried about him. Despite his mental challenges, he was always willing to help and pitch in to get the job done. We forgot our tripod at the hotel and had to use a Home Depot box to hold the camera.

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