WORKOUT 21 of 50 We flew into the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Littlerock, Arkansas around noon. Our plan was to film around 2 pm, be done by 4 pm, and head on to the next state. So it was a bit of a whirlwind trip. We filmed around Thanksgiving time, and all the fall leaves were gone and everything was a bit brown.

We settled on filming on the banks of the Arkansas river with Junction Bridge and the cityscape in the background. Given the time of year, it was pretty quiet on the banks of the river with the exception of an overzealous speed boat owner who kept revving his engine in the background. He would smile and wave at us. What a friendly fellow. During the workout, you will hear and see this happening in the background. We had to do some clever sound design in post-production to make the audio work. The area we filmed in had many people riding bikes, walking and running. It was easy to picture the parks loaded with people in the summertime. Our youngest son enjoyed throwing rocks in the river and both our boys went for a walk over the Junction Bridge. At the end of the workout, we first ate at Big Orange for dinner then headed out on Interstate 40 to St. Louis, Missouri. 

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