WORKOUT 19 of 50 We filmed at the Colorado National Monument in Fruita, Colorado near Grand Junction. It was a four-hour drive from our hometown. We left early and got there by lunchtime. Colorado has many different types of beautiful landscapes. We ate a picnic packed lunch on some picnic tables, then scoped out a gorgeous location on red rocks with a cliff drop behind of about 600 feet. The elevation was between 4700’ to 7000’. It was pretty warm for September.

The winding canyon drive was incredible and a little scary at times when you could look out the passenger side of the car at 1000’ dropoff. Once we set up to film, other tourists showed up and were hoping to get a nice picture right where we were filming. It was very picturesque where we laid the mats. Thank goodness for the mats. They took a little edge off filming on uneven rocks. Once we were done filming, we drove four hours back home. Jenny started to get used to traveling sitting in sweat! Colorful Colorado left us breathless with its beauty.