November 2022

Gin Miller and Jenny Ford


WORKOUT 27 of 50 We flew in and out of Atlanta, Georgia, for this trip, and these were the last workouts we filmed on this trip. Jenny rolled her ankle while we were scouting out a location in Stone Mountain but still managed to film. Because it was December the golf course was shut down […]

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WORKOUT 11 of 50 After paying the hefty fee of $1 we entered the magical land of Pensacola via the Pensacola Bay Bridge. As we climbed in elevation over the toll bridge the most prominent feature to see was the Pensacola Beach Water Tower. It looked like a giant golf ball teed up for hitting, maybe something Paul Bunyan

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WORKOUT 10 of 50 We filmed in front of the Amstel House built in 1730 in historic New Castle. We’d love to come back and visit New Castle someday again. It was super muggy and Jenny was drenched between takes and tanking down the Powerade. Beautiful buildings surrounding the area were built between the 1700s-1900s. Every year the

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WORKOUT 19 of 50 We filmed at the Colorado National Monument in Fruita, Colorado near Grand Junction. It was a four-hour drive from our hometown. We left early and got there by lunchtime. Colorado has many different types of beautiful landscapes. We ate a picnic packed lunch on some picnic tables, then scoped out a gorgeous

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WORKOUT 8 of 50 Our family loves visiting California. It is the closest state to the ocean from our home and only a 12-hour drive. We’ve made many wonderful family memories here from the beach, to Disneyland, being The Price is Right as audience members, and buying stained glass windows from Kim Kardashian’s neighbor in

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WORKOUT 21 of 50 We flew into the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Littlerock, Arkansas around noon. Our plan was to film around 2 pm, be done by 4 pm, and head on to the next state. So it was a bit of a whirlwind trip. We filmed around Thanksgiving time, and all the fall

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WORKOUT 18 of 50 We made a day trip as a family to film in historic, breathtaking, and spiritual, Monument Valley. Despite living so close, (about a 7 hour drive), this was our first time visiting. WOW! This location should be on everyone’s bucket list. Ultimately one of the pictures was chosen as the cover photo for

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WORKOUT 40 of 50 Getting into Alaska was quite the ordeal. At the time we went Alaska required anyone who wanted to enter the state to prove that they tested negative for COVID19 within 72 hours of the test. We tested as a family In Seattle a few days before flying out. It was a

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WORKOUT 39 of 50. Oftentimes while traveling we would ask our community of followers on social media what they suggested as interesting places to film in their state. Many recommended the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, Alabama. This was a perfect location, as it was right off Interstate 10. We were there in December

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